Dr. David Rice on Reducing Waste with Adhese® Universal

Many dental professionals today are making the switch to Adhese Universal. One professional in particular, Dr. David Rice, was so impressed that he wanted to contribute his own personal story about how this switch benefited him in more ways than one: 

Dr. David RiceAs a dental professional there are a few things I know.  First, I like what I like.  When my materials and techniques are working well, why change?  Second, if I’m going to make a change, I’d better have great reasons to do so.

So why I am I writing this?  Long-story-short, I am fortunate to belong to several global, dental mastermind groups, and although change is a challenge, we count on one another to hold each other accountable when something worthy of change comes along.

My story:  I’ve used the same bonding agent for the last 15 years.  I liked what I liked.  I had great long-term success.  I had almost zero post-op sensitivity.  And… I had a challenge from one of my mastermind groups to test drive Adhese Universal Vivapen.

Challenge Accepted:

Mission 1: Do my homework on the science.  If I was going to put a “new” bonding agent in my patients’ mouths when my existing bonding agent was working just fine, I wanted to know what I was in for.

Result 1: Wow!  Whether I wanted to total-etch, selective-etch or self-etch, the numbers looked great.  And, bonus… there are times I choose one technique over another!

Mission 2: Test drive in the mouth.  Great science is nice, but I needed to see, feel and then hear from my patients before I’d be willing to make a change.

Result 2:  Excellent.  Adhese Universal was easy to use.  I loved the mircrobrush tip on the VivaPen, as it allowed met to get to some pretty tight spots with relative ease.  I also liked that I had total control in my hands at all times.  My assistant is great, but dipping in and out of that well as I want more bonding agent… not my favorite.

Mission 3:  I’m not going to lie… Evaluate Cost.

Result 3:  DOUBLE BONUS.  That Vivapen made for zero waste!  Maybe I’m the only one who looks at the drops of bond that go into that well.  Maybe I’m the only one who sees the excess sitting there with every patient.  Or maybe you’re just like me and that kills you too.  Think about this: one drop saved/patient x 8 patients/day x 4 days/week x 48 weeks/year?!?!

It turns out that all that waste adds up, and switching to the VivaPen is going to save me more than $1,000 this year in waste reduction alone.

So, ask me what bonding agent I use now. I think you know the answer is Adhese Universal.

Meet David And Find Out How His Confidence Was Restored From His New Dentures!

Hesitation, then relief

David was initially wary of what his new dentures might do. He had heard stories and knew of other people who had poor experiences with their dentures. They were unable to eat the foods they liked, or their speech was affected in very obvious ways. While he wanted to improve his quality of life and his self-esteem, he did not want this improvement to come at the expense of other aspects of his life. However, he realized he had to make a change and took the plunge.

David noticed an immediate difference while being fitted for dentures. He says that even the temporaries he had to wear were an incredible difference from before. Despite being slightly uncomfortable, they were already doing more for David than his old dentures were. He had minor difficulties eating some foods, but his dentist reassured him that things would be much easier once he had his permanent dentures.

When he was fitted for the final dentures, David was ecstatic. He could eat and speak without issue, his dentures were comfortable, and he knew they were going to be life-altering.

Confidence restored

Today, David loves his new look. He’s not the only one, either. His family is amazed by his new appearance and can’t believe the difference in his smile. They can’t believe how natural his teeth look and are so happy for him. David is also pleased with the results his new dentures have brought him. He considers his choice to get new dentures the best decision he has ever made, and he is thrilled that he no longer has to worry about hiding his smile. Eating, speaking, and smiling are no longer frustrating activities he dreads. His self-esteem has risen, and he wakes up every day knowing that his new dentures have given him the boost he needed to smile again. How would David describe his dentures? As he says, “I’m their biggest fan!”

Watch Davids video!


VIDEO on how to streamline denture process and become more profitable!

Courtesy of Dental Lab Products:  

Dr. John Nosti, DMD, shares his insight on innovative products and practices that can streamline your denture process while making it more predictable for the dentist.

He shares his insights on removables in a candid conversation with Advanstar Dental Media Content Director Kevin Henry, as well as demonstrating it in a streaming on-demand webinar.

For lab techs, Nosti says, any successful dental workflow comes down to understanding how to use the right communication tools with dentists. This streamlines the process and makes it more predictable for dentists.

Understanding how to use the latest and most innovative products and procedures on the market ultimately can put one lab ahead of another. Nosti says once labs know how to use these tools, they are at a severe advantage.

Watch the interview now and find out how Dr. Nosti can help your denture workflow:




Von: The brightest smile on the field

Von face


Hockey players might be better known for losing their teeth, but in the heat of a high school football game, Von Humphies proved that football players can also take a shot to the mouth. Soon after, when Von’s affected tooth started to turn dark and grey, Von took another hit – this time to his self-esteem. “I spent from 17 years old until my early 40s hiding my smile so I could hide that unsightly tooth,” Von confesses.

Getting his smile back

Despite many hours in the dentist’s chair, Von spent years in this condition – throughout high school, college and decades thereafter. But as luck would have it, a direct inquiry from his brother-in-law, a dental professional, finally corrected what Von spent so much of his life hiding. He noticed Von’s dental issues and told him about new technology that would beautify his teeth: e.max®. This was a courageous conversation, because who wants to deliver the news that someone close to them has a flaw? But Von’s brother-in-law offered him the opportunity to have an e.max restoration and explained how e.max could transform his smile.

Von, obviously, was very interested and jumped at the opportunity. While he never said anything to his brother-in-law, a sense of relief washed over Von knowing that he was finally going to get his teeth fixed. He knew that before the injury, he basically had nice, straight teeth. Now, with e.max, Von was able to not only get his old smile back, but an upgraded version. It was stronger and it would last longer. Prior to the procedure, his brother-in-law answered all of Von’s questions and put any fears he had to rest. His new e.max restoration would be long-lasting, durable and would not take on stains or cause any problems to his natural teeth.

Superior smile

Von is from Idaho and works on oilfields is Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana and North Dakota, so he doesn’t spend a lot of time showing off his new smile — but everyone around him notices. His buddies on the oilfield didn’t know he was going to have any dental work, but they all became aware of his new e.max smile pretty quickly. They commented on his nice smile and good teeth, earning Von the title of Nicest Smile in the Oldfield. Von chuckles, “Hard to beat that.”

Von heartily recommends e.max to everyone, for a variety of reasons. While the aesthetics are important, he cites how the feel of his e.max smile is even more significant. Also notable is the ease of care and the longevity of e.max. These things all factored into the reasons why the investment is worth it. “There is no point going second rate.” Von remarks, “You might as well spend your time and money on something that is the best and is going to last.”

Von no longer has to hide his smile, he no longer has to worry about his problem tooth. The relief that realization brings makes his e.max smile shine even more brightly, even on a dark oilfield.



Bench Mastery: A Smile Makeover… With No Tooth Prep?

Courtesy of Dental Lab Products:

How can a major improvement of the shade and shape of teeth be simply achieved?

For quite some time, we have been hearing about minimally invasive techniques for the esthetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity. Whether a patient wishes to have stains removed, teeth bleached or the tooth shape and general appearance improved, the range of treatment options is almost unlimited.

e.max CAD blocks

Procedures include tooth bleaching, enamel micro-abrasion, direct composite restorations and the whole spectrum of laminate veneer restorations, ranging from full veneers—involving more aggressive preparation and the different types of thin or micro-veneers—to non-prep veneers and edge-ups. In cases where a major improvement of the shade and shape is desirable, indirect veneers are clearly the clinician’s first choice.

Because of their superior esthetic and mechanical properties, indirect veneers are ideal when extensive esthetic adjustments are required. Before the material is chosen, the clinician needs to understand the two main challenges of esthetic oral rehabilitation: selecting the proper shade and opacity of the material and determining the amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed in order to achieve the desired result. For example, in cases where teeth are moderately to severely misaligned and orthodontic treatment is not possible, aggressive preparation will be needed. The same applies to teeth with heavy staining caused by fluorosis or tetracycline.

Digital mock-up
A diagnostic wax-up is of paramount importance in order to evaluate the feasibility of the treatment. Once the wax-up has been created, it needs to be transferred to the mouth to demonstrate the possible esthetic outcome to the patient. A mock-up based on an impression of the wax-up is normally the method of choice. If the traditional protocol is followed, the clinician will have the chance to make small adjustments to the mock-up and discuss them with the patient after the teeth have been prepared and the temporary restorations placed. These adjustments are then communicated to the dental technician before the final restoration is fabricated.
In the case of non-prep veneers, a direct mock-up can be challenging to fabricate and the final outcome difficult to visualize due to the minimal thickness of the final restorations and the differences between the resin (used for the mock-up) and the ceramic (used for the final veneers). Presentation and imaging programs (which are easily available and affordable for everyone) are a novel option for simulating the final outcome. They allow digital mock-ups to be created on the computer screen. This method is extremely easy, accurate and reliable while saving cost and time. While a classical mock-up requires a chair time of 15-20 minutes, the digital mock-up can be done in less than one minute by the dental assistant or the clinician, if appropriate clinical and technical pictures are available. By superimposing a picture of the wax-up onto the pre-operative picture, a digital image of the final result is obtained. The only requirement is to match dimensions, inclination and perspective.

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Also check out video with images from this clinical case:


Cameron Gained Her Winning Smile When Her Dentist Chose e.max®

Quote for Cameron smile story

Carmen, from Florida, is a beautiful young woman who appears to be the picture of confidence. She’s a project manager for a software company, working with law enforcement. She is a fitness instructor. She’s even participated in a beauty pageant! But regardless of all of her personal success, Carmen felt insecure about the appearance of her teeth. She always recognized the value of a person’s smile and how that smile is something that everyone sees. But hers always left her a little uncomfortable.

Carmen’s teeth were crowded and unevenly spaced, so she never wanted to smile widely. While this posed a rather awkward obstacle in Carmen’s everyday life, it was an unavoidable situation when she competed in a beauty pageant. For pageants, Carmen comments, “We just had to smile, smile, smile! I was so self-conscious about it.” That experience, that discomfort and unease, that’s what pushed Carmen to get her smile fixed.

Carmen knew she wanted her teeth corrected, but she wasn’t sure how best to achieve that end – luckily her dentist did! She trusted her dentist to select the product that would be the most long-lasting, most durable and most natural-looking, and her dentist made the choice to go with e.max®. Carmen’s family was a little apprehensive about her having any restorative dental work, but she knew that her dentist thought e.max was the best option for her to regain confidence in her smile. She needed little preparation done to her natural teeth preceding her e.max procedure and before she knew it, her smile had been transformed.

Beauty below the surface

Cameron Smile StoryCarmen was very impressed with the quality and detail that went into her new e.max smile. “I was just expecting to have straight teeth,” she notes. “But I didn’t expect all of the detail work that went into it — the bottom, the tips, everything.” And as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, these details were not lost on her.


Now that Carmen has her e.max smile, confidence is no longer an issue. She’s noticed that having a beautiful smile, for her, is a huge part of self-assurance. “Once you have confidence, it changes a lot of other things in your life,” Carmen says. She’s noticed that her enhanced self-esteem fosters that feeling in others, making a positive impact on people around her.

Would she encourage others to get their own e.max smiles? Absolutely! Carmen feels like e.max changed her smile and changed her life. “Your smile really does make an impact in your life. You will never regret it.”


On-Demand Webinar By Dr. John Nosti

Webinar text pic


Don’t Miss This On-Demand Webinar! 

Webinar Teeth

  • Learn how to streamline the denture process & make the procedure more predictable.
  • Dr. John Nosti, DMD, will teach you how to get a great result in fit, form and function.


How to Prescribe Highly Esthetic Partial and Complete Dentures -Learn About ‘More Than a Denture’ 

  • Available for Streaming Thursday, Aug 7.
  • Led by Dr. John Nosti, DMD

Dr. Nosti practices full time in Mays Landing/Somers Point, N.J., as well as Manhattan, N.Y., with an emphasis on functional cosmetics, full mouth rehabilitations, and TMJ dysfunction. Dr. Nosti is the Clinical Director for the Clinical Mastery Series, a continuum geared toward advancing the cosmetic and functional practices of dentists worldwide.

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